Several changes to the Lake Fork bass fishing since my last report. Again a lot or rain last week causing the lake to be over a foot above normal and the flood gates to be opened again. The lake is now back to normal with a lot of muddy water in the upper ends of the lake. Lake Fork bass fishing has still been good in the mid to lower ends of the lake. Glade still is fishable. For you fisherman coming to the lake for the big tournament this weekend, Carolina rigged baby brush hog in green pumpkin dipping the tail in spike it and the same bait on a Texas rig in 2-6 feet of water has been catching nice bass. Look for those flats close to the spawning areas to find the bigger females. Also a black/blue jig is catching nice fish. As we get closer to the tournament, the pattern could change if you are coming to Lake Fork bass fishing. Cold front will come thru this weekend which could slow down the bite. So you will need to fish slower. For the crappie fisherman they are also moving towards the shallows. Best way to catch them is a cork and electric chicken, or minnow attached to the cork with about a foot of line and cast it towards the visible grass and work it slowly back to the boat. Crappie are still scattered also. For the crappie, sand bass, or catfishing person planning a trip to Fork I can handle up to 5 adults in my 22 foot bay boat. I furnish everything for your trip just come get in the boat and go fishing. If you are planning a Lake Fork bass fishing trip I can also help you locate bass and have a great time doing so. I have a few open dates in May and now booking June trips, so time to get your name on the books for your fishing trip. Call or text me for open dates 940-902-3855.

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