Lake Fork fishing with Doug Shampine

April Lake Fork fishing has been hot and cold. Right now its hot. Bass are spawning on most of the lower half of the lake and so are the crappie. Now is the time to come over and do some Lake Fork fishing. I am now booking May and June crappie, bass and sand bass Lake Fork fishing trips. May is a hot time to also fish a good mess of crappie to take home for the freezer. Now for the lake conditions. We had 6 inches of rain last week and the lake came up a little over 2 feet over night. We are now at normal pool level which is good for the spawn. New cover in the water will give the new fry places to hide as they grow. All the major creeks are muddy from run off but the main lake is good. As for the bass I am using a Carolina rig with a watermelon red baby brush hog and fishing it shallow.(2 foot or so) I am throwing to the new cover that is now in the water. Also using a shad colored square bill crank bait as there are schools of shad now moving into the shallow water. As for the crappie, they are also spawning in shallow water and minnows have been the best bait. I am also catching crappie in 14-20 feet of water in my brush piles. Now is the time to get your crappie trip on the books for May and June. For open dates call or text me 940-902-3855. I furnish everything for your Lake For fishing trip so lets get your trip set up and have some fun on the water now that it is getting warmer. Also keep in mind that June when school is out for the summer is a great time to teach the kids how to fish. They will love it!! #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkfishing #lakeforkcrappieguides

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