Bass and crappie fishing with Doug Shampine DSP Guide Service

Bass and crappie fishing on Lake Fork is good! If you like to do one or the other its time to book your bass and crappie fishing trip on Fork. I furnish everything for your trip, just come get in my boat and go fishing. With school almost out, bring the family to the lake and try some bass and crappie fishing. The bass have completed their spawn for the most part. I am finding them shallow and deep. Shallow being a foot or two. I am using a 1/8 oz bullet weight, watermelon red baby brush hog fishing the flooded grass on the north end of the lake. Fish the grass slow and watch for your line to move. On the deeper water I am using a Carolina rig baby brush hog in watermelon red also. Deeper water is the 8-16 foot range. Bass love structure this time of the year so look for creek channels or pond damns, humps or brush piles and you will find bass hanging out. I am starting on main lake points with a yellow magic top water bait before I move shallow or go to the Carolina rig. Now as for the crappie, they are in the brush piles from 14-23 feet and are loving minnows. They will also hit a jig, in different shades of blue and greys. Now is the time to take home a good mess of crappie for the freezer. And if you like to sand bass fish, they are on the move along the bridges and old road beds and points. I have been throwing a KVD shad colored square bill crank bait to catch some really big sand bass!! So if you are planning on bass and crappie fishing on lake Fork or even sand bass fishing, give me a call or text for open dates. 940-902-3855 #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkcrappieguides #lakeforkcrappiefishingguides

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