Bass fishing February on Lake Fork

Bass fishing February on Lake Fork

Bass fishing February on Lake Fork can produce a trophy bass for you!! This is the month that the big females start moving around looking for that special place to spawn. They will come out of deeper water and feed as they go. When I talk about deeper water, just a reminder that the state record bass that was caught bass fishing February on Fork was caught in 42 feet of water in February. So they will start moving depending on weather conditions towards the shallower water. That normally happens early in the month with the end of the month being the best fishing. And of course there has been most of the month for the water to warm up which causes them to move also.

Today’s water temperature is 50 degrees and that is 10 degrees ahead of last year at this time. We had a very cold period last year at this time and most of the month of February was cold and the spawn was late last year. I think is we stay on the pattern we will have a early spawn this year. Most people are under the impression that spawn happens late February early March on Lake Fork, but that is not the case. Bass fishing February is pre spawn at the best case. Late March (the last 2 weeks) is heavy pre spawn and the first 2 weeks of April is the spawn time starting on the north end of the lake.

So if you are going to book a trip on Lake Fork think about that time period to find the most and biggest bass in shallow water and use your time bass fishing February to find the spots the bass will be by mid March. I can help you with that so please consider using my guide service to put you on the big bass. I furnish everything for your trip just come get in my boat and go fishing. I will be at the Dallas boat show starting Feb 5-7 & 11-14 booking trips. So if you are in the Dallas area stop by and set up your trip.


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