Lake Fork Crappie Fishing

22 ft bay boat just right for groups Lake Fork crappie fishing

It is now mid December and the crappie are finally starting to move to the deeper water for the winter. They are still not stacked on the flats and humps like they should be but its getting there. Remember on Lake Fork you must keep your first 25 you catch no matter the size. That is only for the months of December, January, and February. All other months the length is at least 10 inches. When I am talking deeper water on Lake Fork, I mean from 30 to 55 feet deep.

That is where the Lake Fork crappie fishing will be good until around mid February, and they will start to move towards the shallower water. But that does not happen over night. Once they start moving, the Lake Fork fishing gets tougher because you are trying to keep up with moving schools of crappie looking to spawn. For now, best baits I have found while I have been fishing has been the minnows and the electric chicken color on the jig. I am finding the crappie best depth right now at 33-35 feet. Catching smaller ones and mixed with the bigger ones.

I am finding a school of crappie and throwing out a marker and fishing around that area. They will be scattered around the schools of shad feeding. So now is the time to come out and get a mess of crappie and have fun doing it. I furnish every for your Lake Fork crappie fishing trip. I also clean your catch and bag it so your can take home a bag of fish with no mess. A Lake Fork crappie fishing trip makes a great Christmas gift for that loved one that likes to fish. I also have a new bay boat that will allow me to take up to 5 adults on a trip. So bring your group and lets go Lake Fork crappie fishing.


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