Lake Fork Bass fishing

Bass fishing on Lake Fork with Doug Shampine

Bass fishing on Lake Fork early March can be very good but if a cold front comes through it can be very tough!!! Just ask the many teams that fished the Bass Champs tournament last Saturday. What happens is the big females are looking for the ideal place to spawn and feeding as they go. But when a cold front comes and drops the water temperature they will suspend or go to the closest creek and suspend until the high pressure moves on by. That is why you will have several days of good fishing and a couple of bad. Also you will find the afternoon bite is better if you are bass fishing on Lake Fork. Right now my best baits are chatter baits in white, white chartreuse with a fire tiger trailer, red/chartreuse belly trap, black/blue jig, suspending jerk bait and a green pumpkin baby brush hog. I have been catching bass in 8 foot or less of water. If you have not been to Lake Fork in a while you will find it full and surface temperature 54 degrees. I know there is a big tournament coming up March 20, and if you are bass fishing on Lake Fork looking for that real good spot, might want to give me a call. I can show you where I am catching bass. I know you have many lake fork bass fishing guides to choose from, so please consider using me for your trip needs. I furnish everything for your trip just come get in the boat and go bass fishing on Lake Fork. So keep an eye on the weather and think about if you are after the one big bite or if you are looking to just catch fish and maybe catch that fish of a life time. Numbers will be April bass fishing on Lake Fork and great top water action will be May. So what ever your bass fishing on Lake Fork needs are, come over and have some fun!

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