Fishing Lake Fork this week? Might want to consider using a guide and would like you to consider my guide service. I furnish everything for your trip, no hidden fees or have you go in the marina and buy baits we will be using on our trip. I have been guiding for 15 years and promise you will have a great time on the water trying to catch your bass of a life time. So call or text me for open dates 940-902-3855.  So if you are fishing Lake Fork this week, the lake has changed in a major way in the past 3 weeks. Our lake level is up over 3 feet due to snow and rain.

Many of the lakes pockets where creeks run in are muddy or stained. Surface temperature is 50 but this coming week is suppose to be warm so that will change. I am finding bass coming into the main lake points using several different baits. Suspending jerk baits in orange belly, chrome sides and black or blue top has been working well. Also the jig in black/blue or PB&J around the bigger stumps along with a square bill crank bait is also working. I would also be throwing a chatter bait this week when fishing Lake Fork. With that much new water in the lake, there will be places now covered with water that has not seen water in a couple of years.

The lake level is 3.8 ft below normal where 7 weeks ago it was almost 7. What a change and you may find fishing tough for a week or so till the bass adjust to the changes.  So this is a very good time to hire a guide when fishing Lake Fork so you are not wasting your time looking and not catching. Check out my report next week as I am posting each week for you guys that are fishing on your own.

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