Bass fishing on Lake Fork

Bass fishing on Lake Fork with Doug Shampine DSP Guide Service

We are now starting the dog days of summer and the bass fishing on Lake Fork can be hit or miss this time of the year and next month. But that is not saying you cannot have good bass fishing on Lake Fork in the hot summer. I am starting my trips early and ending around 11:30 before it really heats up. I am fishing the deeper main lake points, creek beds that come into a main lake point or humps that have 15-18 ft of water in the area. Best baits have been the 10 inch worm, and the Carolina rig using a baby brush hog in watermelon candy red. Or if you know a brush pile in the 15 to 18 foot of water use the 10 inch worm in tequila or blue fleck. If you follow me on facebook or twitter you will see a lot of crappie pictures I am posting almost every day from my crappie trips. Send my a friend request and you can see reports daily. I am catching crappie in 19 to 24 feet of water on minnows. The jig bite has been slow. But some of the keepers we are catching are real nice slabs. Also the sand bass are starting to chase bait fish on the surface so you can also take a mess of these home. Just as a reminder, if you want to check out bass fishing on Lake Fork, think about booking your fall trip now, or even get on the books for your spring bass fishing on Lake Fork trip. Spring dates go very fast if you can only fish on the weekends. They are the first to go. So send me an email or text to 940-902-3855 for open dates and lets get your trip set up. I furnish everything for your trip so just come get in my Legend bass boat or my Express 22 foot bay boat (for the bigger groups or crappie fisherman) and lets go fishing. #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkbassguides #lakeforkcrappieguides #lakefork #popeslanding

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