Cone to Fork bass and crappie fishing and catch one of these!

Come to Fork bass & crappie fishing and catch one of these!

Fall is almost here and the bass & crappie fishing on Fork will just get better as we go. Cooler weather is suppose to be here tonight which will start dropping the water temperature just in time for the Big Bass Splash which is next weekend. The bass bite has been some what slow but I expect the cooler weather to wake them up.

I have been catching bass several ways. Starting with a spook early in the morning, as soon as it is light enough to see. Make sure it has a white belly. Once the sun gets up, I am throwing a Carolina rig and keeping the spook handy incase of a blow up with in casting distance. I am fishing the Carolina rig out to about 18 ft using a watermelon red baby brush hog. I am also catching bass in the new growing grass you will find up north above the 515 bridges. There I am throwing a wacky worm and a finesse worm on a 1/8 oz weight. You will catch some small bass doing this but will also catch some tournament keepers also. I love this time of the year as the bass & crappie fishing will just keep getting better and better till late November!!.

I also guide for crappie and that bite has been good also. I am catching crappie in 22-25 feet and minnows have worked the best. I put out my own brush piles and they are paying off!! I furnish everything for your trip no matter what you what you want to fish for. Just come get in my boat and go fishing. I have been a full time guide on Fork for 15 years, so don’t settle for a part timer. If you need help with lodging I can assist you with that also. So book your fall trip or spring 2016 as soon as you can to get the good dates. You can text me at 940-902-3855 or email for open dates. Come go bass & crappie fishing with me and you will be glad you did!!

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