Coming to Lake Fork bass fishing? Give me a call or text me for open dates at 940-902-3855. I have been guiding on Fork for 15 years and furnish everything for your trip, just come get in my boat and go fishing. Lake Fork bass fishing is just starting to get good. Bass are moving from deeper water towards the spawning flats. Look for them in 4-10 feet of water.  They are moving about half way back in the bigger pockets.

As the water continues to warm, they will make a push towards shallow water soon. Best baits right now have been black/blue jig, suspending jerk bait and now Carolina rig. My customer Jacob Trahan from La caught a 10.2 lb bass of the black/blue jig in 13 feet of water. But if you like to throw a Carolina rig your time is right around the corner. The lake has come up 3 ft in the last week and a half and heavy rain is forecasted for this weekend. The lake is now 3.5 ft below normal. So we need a couple more feet and it will be great!!  So if you are thinking of Lake Fork bass fishing, its time to get your date set up if you are going to use a guide.  Make sure you use a full time guide as you will have a much better trip.

Every week the Lake Fork bass fishing will change until the spawn over which will be late April. So check out my weekly lake fork fishing reports and keep up with the bass are doing.  You can also call me if you are bringing your own boat to the lake and fishing on your own. I will give you a first hand report on that the bass are doing that very day.  Or we can set up your trip and I will teach you some new fishing holes on Fork.

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