Try one of the Lake Fork bass fishing guides DSP Guide Service

Try one of the Lake Fork bass fishing guides DSP Guide Service

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Guides

As you already know by searching the internet, there are many Lake Fork bass fishing guides to choose from. Some are full time guides and some are part time guides that are just looking for a pay day. The full time guides want your business not only this year but in the coming years. So when calling to talk to the Lake Fork bass fishing guides you think you might want to fish with ask questions about his service. I furnish everything for your trip, no hidden fees or added cost at the end of your trip. I have been guiding for 15 years on Lake Fork and when you call and book me, you will be fishing with me. Be sure to ask that question to any guide you book are you fishing with the guide you are speaking to.

Now for the bass fishing on Lake Fork. Its starting to pick up and the bass are on the move. Its not as good as it will be in a couple more weeks but you can catch a few bass each day. When a cold front comes through it will slow down for a couple of days. Right now you can catch bass on a white chatter bait with a white trailer, white/chartreuse chatter bait with a white trailer, red/chartreuse belly rattle trap or a suspending jerk bait. In the afternoon throw a weightless fluke and dip the tail with chartreuse spike it and fish in the protected spawning areas. The females are up there looking around in the 2-5 foot range.

As for the crappie fishing its slow as they are on the move from deeper water towards the areas they will be spawning in. I start guiding for crappie, sand bass and catfish in May and have a 22 foot bay boat to fish out of. So I can take up to 5 adults on a trip. So if you are looking for one of the Lake Fork bass fishing guides, or Lake Fork crappie guides give me a call at 940-902-3855 or text for open dates. You will be glad you came to Fork fishing!


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