Its almost 2018 and it is time to think about calling one of the many Lake Fork bass fishing guides you can find on the internet. There are many Lake Fork bass fishing guides to choose from. Some have been guiding for many years and some are just starting with 2 years or less but want you to believe they have been here much longer. Choosing the right guide will make your trip much more enjoyable! Its hard to know which is the right one to pick from when you are thinking about one of the many Lake Fork bass fishing guides. I furnish everything for your trip including tackle, rods and reels, you don’t need to buy anything but your favorite snack. And if you want to bring along a couple of buddys to watch you catch your trophy bass that is ok too. I can handle 3 bass fishermen in my boat very easy. We will be using bait casting reels and if you cannot throw one I can teach you. I also carry a couple of open face reels just in case. I have been already booking spring bass fishing dates, so its time to get your trip on the books. Call or text 940-902-3855 for open dates. My favorite time to bass fish on Lake Fork is the last two weeks of March and the first three weeks of April. That covers prespawn and a lot of the spawn. That means there are a lot of big bass in the shallow areas from 2-5 feet. Its is also the time for you to have the best shot at catching that big bass you have been looking for. I will be doing the Dallas Boat Expo the first 2 weekends of Feb and after that show is over a lot of the good spring dates will be booked. So don’t wait too long to get your date set up! #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkcrappiefishingguides #lakeforkcrappieguides

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