Lake Fork Fishing

Coming to Lake Fork fishing this year? Its a great place to catch bass, crappie, sand bass and catfish. And I guide for all of those fish listed. I do not guide for any thing but bass in February March and April. But starting in May I guide for everything. I have a 22 foot bay bay boat that I do my crappie, sand bass, and catfish trips out of. I also have a 21 foot Legend which I guide for bass out of. So if you have several in your party I can handle the trip for you. I also been guiding on Lake Fork for 15 years. So please consider using my guide service for all your Lake Fork fishing needs.

If you are reading Lake Fork fishing reports from other guides, you will see mine are weekly and you can visit my site for real time updates. Or if you are coming to Lake Fork fishing a tournament you can call me and I will give you information on the phone. 940-902-3855 Bass fishing is currently slow due to the water temperature and there is a lot of stained water in the lake. But that does not mean you cannot catch bass right now. You will not get a lot of bites but the ones you get will be quality. Black/blue jig is working best for me along with a 1/2 oz red/chartreuse rattle trap. I am fishing main lake points and good places to look will be Burch creek.

Crappie are on the move and slowly headed towards their spawning areas. Best bait has been minnows. Sand bass fishing has been good in 35 feet of water. Lake is stained from 515 bridges north and surface temperature is 49 degrees. I will be attending the Dallas boat ecpo starting today through Sunday and again next Thursday through Sunday the 14th. So if you are in the area stop by and book your trip. Than on to OK City February 26,27, & 28 at the Backwoods hunting and fishing show  Come by and book your Lake Fork fishing trip.


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