Fishing on Lake Fork

Fishing on Lake Fork with Doug Shampine DSP Guide Service

Its now late October and we are still waiting for the cooler weather to kick in to help the fishing on Lake Fork be really good. Its good now for schooling bass but only a few big bass have moved in shallow feeding up before winter. Fishing on Lake Fork can be very good shallow when we get water temperature in the lower 60’s our upper 50’s. There is already a lot of shad in the back of the creeks and many schooling bass with them. Fun to catch on 1/4 oz rattletraps, small spinner baits, texas rigger worms and some times top water baits will work. Fishing on Lake Fork for bass, crappie, or sand bass will be water temperature driven from here on out. As the water cools off the jig bite will also get real good using a black/blue jig and trailer. I also have great success on a white buzz bait in the cooler water. The best color on the texas rig has been watermelon red baby brush hog with a 1/8 oz bullet weight or a black finesse work with a split shot  on the line about a 6″ above the bait. Look for grass in the water and there is some areas where its getting thick. Now for the crappie bite, look at the brush piles in 19-24 feet using minnows or jigs. Best color jig has been chartreuse pepper, chartreuse/blue or blue ice. This bite will continue to get better as the water cools off also. I am now booking not only November/ December trips but if you are planning to try fishing on Lake Fork in the spring, need to have your trip on the books by the end of December. Spring dates go fast and so do the motels for lodging and I can help you with that also. I furnish everything for your trip just come get in my boat and go fishing! #lakeforktrophybass #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkcrappieguides #lakefork


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