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Double hook-up of post spawn bass

May shallow water bite is on now on Fork!! But the big problem is the lake is now full and at normal pool and there is all kinds of flooded cover on the lake now. Some of these areas have not seen water in 5 years because that is when the lake was last at this level. I can help you with the May shallow water bite if you give me a call or text me for open dates 940-902-3855.  There are several baits working right now, both shallow and deeper. For the shallow bite, frogs, wacky worms, flukes, split shot rig with finesse worms, square bill crank baits, and Carolina rig to name a few working and catching bass. The biggest key right now is dead sticking the bait and if you do not do that, you will catch very few bass. If you see shad schools along the bank, get your square bill crank bait or swim bait into the schools and hang on. The bass will be there feeding and some good ones as well as smaller ones. I love the May shallow water bite because you can catch the bass on so many different baits. The frog is the most fun for my customers to throw and watch the bass attack the bait!!! The crappie are also moving off shore to the brush piles and starting to feed as they recover from the spawn. If you want to crappie fish, I have my own brush piles out and we will fish over them and catch a good mess of crappie for the freezer. I furnish everything for your trip so just come get in my boat and go fishing for either crappie, bass or even sand bass. We will have a great time. I am now booking trips for June so give me a call and lets get your trip set up and have some fun on the water.

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