Planning on fishing on Lake Fork? It is new lake and has not been this way for 5 years. There are many places for the bass to hide now and if you have not seen Fork full its going to seem like you have never fished Fork before. The lake is 1 foot above normal level and 3 of the 4 flood gates are open. So if you are planning on fishing on Fork there are several ways to catch bass right now.

The frog bite has been real good with all the flooded grass any where you look. White is the color to throw and you can use the popping frog or the other types that sound like a buzz bait when you work them. The pattern I like the best for quality bass will be throwing a jig in the flooded weeds in 3-5 ft of water. The brim are trying to spawn and the bass are in there raiding the beds eating their eggs and sometimes the brim also. A black, brown, amber jig is the best color I can find for this type of fishing and I use a craw trailer in watermelon red. Just work it through the grass and hang on!! There are several more things you can do like throwing a spook along the grass, make sure it has a white belly.

A Carolina rig is also working on main lake points along with a square bill crankbait. Crappie are in 18-24 feet of water and the bite has been best on minnows. I have a lot of brush piles to fish for a mess of crappie. Sand bass are also running around the main lake points in 18-26 feet of water and the best bait for me has been a Storm white swim bait bounced off the bottom on those points. If you want a mess of sand bass, lets set up a trip and go get them. So if you are planning on fishing on Fork for fun or pre fishing for an up coming tournament, give me a call or text for open dates 940-902-3855 and set up your trip.

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10.7 lb bass on a swim bait. Great catch Alan

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