February and early March is the time to think pre-spawn bass fishing on Lake Fork. This time of the year is when the female bass start moving towards the spawning areas of the lake feeding as they go. When a cold front moves in, they move to deeper water and suspend. After the front passes and the wind moves back to the south, they move around again feeding as they go. If we have an early spring, (warm weather) the bass will speed up this process of moving to spawning areas.

If we have a normal spring, heavy pre-spawn will be the last two weeks of March and spawn starting on the north end of the lake the first week of April. There will always be that small percent of bass that spawn in late March. You may see a few bass on beds earlier than April. Right now you can catch bass on jigs, (black/blue) suspending jerk baits, spinner baits, square bill crank baits, shad color and A rigs. Look for bass on the main lake points where a creek swings close to the point, grass lines (which this year there is not much grass) and middle of pockets about half way back. That is where the bass are now but as we have warm weather will change.

The weather might be a factor on your trip but this time of year is when you will catch that bass of a life time. If you are thinking pre-spawn bass fishing on Lake Fork, give my guide service a shot. I furnish everything for your trip, just come get in the boat and go fishing. Or come visit me at the Backwoods Hunting and Fishing Expo in OKC at the fair grounds booth 102 starting February 27th. Lets book your trip at the show.

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