We are in the dog days of summer, hot afternoons and mornings you can tolerate up till about noon. Now is the time to try sand bass & crappie fishing on Fork and take home a mess of fish or teach the family how to catch fish. Crappie fishing has been good in the brush piles using minnows. I have my own brush piles put out and do pretty well catching crappie, catfish, sand bass, bar fish and brim out of my brush piles.

Bass fishing remains slow but will soon pick up in mid to late August. So for the time being you should focus on sand bass & crappie fishing. This is the time of year you might want to consider using my guide service to find fish, as they are tough to locate in the hotter weather. I have been guiding on Lake Fork for 15 years and customer service is number one in my books. I want your trip to be the best fishing trip you have ever been on using a guide on Lake Fork. I furnish everything for your trip, just come get in my boat and go fishing!!. I am looking forward to the fall fishing this year as there is 5 years of growth now in the water since we have a full lake for the first time in 5 years.

If you have not been here since the lake filled up you will be shocked when you see it. But there is still not any grass growing where it was thick in places last year in the east arm and in Burch creek. But there are standing pockets of willow trees in 3-5 feet of water which will be new cover for the bait fish and the bass to be hiding in. Spinner bait and rattle trap will be 2 good baits to be throwing when the  water starts cooling off for the fall. So for the time being, try sand bass & crappie fishing to pass the time till we get to the good fall fishing!!

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sand bass & crappie fishing on Fork

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