Bass fishing on Lake Fork

Bass fishing on Lake Fork with Doug Shampine

Bass fishing on Lake Fork has been very good catching the schooling bass. I am fishing shallow water and catching 20-30 bass each trip ranging from 12′ to 2 lbs or so. This is the time of year if you need to learn how to catch bass on Lake Fork using plastics, now is the time to do it. Bass fishing on Lake Fork will remain good for this month and into next month. First you need to find the vegetation growing in the lake. Than look for shad in the area and they will be along the grass. Best baits are a frog, yellow magic, texas rigged baby brush hog in watermelon red, black finesse worm rigged wacky or texas rigged with a split shot. Just fish the edges of the grass and you will have a great time bass fishing on Lake Fork. There is also a deeper bite using chrome rattle traps, and a Carolina rig with a baby brush hog in watermelon red. Main lake points is the best place to look for those bass. Now as for the crappie bite it also has been good. Minnows and jigs are both catching crappie. I am fishing my brush piles in 20-22 feet of water. Best color of jig has been blue ice,  and chartreuse pepper. Now is also the time to take home a good mess of crappie to eat. When the water gets cooler, the big sand bass will start biting. That is normally in November. So if you are interested in bass fishing on Lake Fork or crappie or sand bass fishing, let me take you fishing. I furnish everything for your trip just come get in the boat and go fishing. I use a Legend for the bass trips and a 22 foot center console bay boat for the crappie trips so I can handle 4 adults on a crappie trip. I am also book 2017 fishing trips. #lakeforktrophybass #lakefork #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkcrappieguides

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