Summer crappie & sand bass fishing on Fork is something the family can do and have a real blast!! Kids can catch fish and you can take a mess of fish home to eat at the same time. Check out my guide service, I furnish everything for your trip no matter if we are bass, crappie & sand bass fishing. I have been guiding for 15 years so check out my service where customer service is number one.

Since the water came up seven feet, the bass fishing has been slow. We had 5 years of growth on the banks and now its in the water and the bass are really scattered. It has not been hot enough to start the schooling process which usually takes place this time of year. I am finding a few bass deep but not the numbers we should be finding this time of year. A chrome rattletrap, swim bait, and spoon are catching what bass have moved deeper. The crappie & sand bass fishing has been the best going into mid summer. So plan a few days vacation on Fork and let the kids have fun catching some fish and learn a little about fishing.

As for the crappie fishing I have been catching nice messes in my brush piles in 20-24 feet of water. We will park over the brush piles and fish with minnows or jigs, which ever is working the best on that day. Not only will we catch crappie, but there will be a few catfish, sand bass, bar fish, and brim mixed in. They all love the brush piles. So plan a crappie & sand bass trip and you will be glad you did. It is also time to plan your fall fishing trip to Fork, or even your 2016 trip. So text me 940-902-3855 or email for open dates. Hope to see you on the lake real soon.Lake Fork Fishing Guides

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