Trophy Bass Fishing on Fork

Bass fishing with Doug Shampine Lake Fork bass fishing guide

We are now at an exciting time on Lake Fork for bass fishing. The big females will be moving and feeding as they go all over the lake. But knowing where the best places to catch one is the key to your success. Also knowing what to throw when you are bass fishing is the other key. Right now the bite is slow, so you need to be using something you can fish slow like a jig and trailer. I am using a black/blue jig and my trailer is a black #11 pork chunk.

I like pork when the water drops into the lower 50’s. The lake is now normal level and the upper ends of the lake are stained. But that does not mean the bass fishing is bad. I like the stained water as it warms up faster than the clear water in the lower end of the lake. Look for the main lake creek channels on the lake and start fishing them starting at the main lake point closest to the creek or the first secondary point close to the creek. The big females will stop in those places first looking to feed up as they slowly move to the back of the coves. Crappie is still hanging out in the 34-37 feet of water and the best bite has been on minnows and electric chicken colored jigs.

I will be doing several boat shows and setting up an booth to book trips this year. My first show is in Little Rock Ar. The dates for the show is January 22,23, & 24. I will publish the booth number in my next report. So any of you in the Ark. area that attend the boat show stop by and lets talk fishing and set up your bass fishing, crappie or sand bass fishing trip for 2016. I fish out of a 21 foot Legend bass boat and a 22 foot bay boat for trips that require a larger boat.


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