Its never too early to book your 2016 bass and crappie trips on Lake Fork. The prime time dates go fast, so get with your fishing partner and decide when you want to setup you bass and crappie trips. I do it a little different from the other guides on Lake Fork. Most will require a big deposit when you book your dates.

I want to get you on the books and come Jan 1, 2016 I will call you and see if we are still good for your dates than have you send me a deposit to hold your dates. That way if something changes between now and the first of next year, there is time for me to rebook  your dates. So lets get your bass and crappie trips on the books as soon as you can. You can do this by texting me 940-902-3855 or emailing me at  I will let you know what my open dates are currently are as I have some of the prime fishing dates being booked as we speak. Just completed the Big Bass Splash on Fork and there was only 12 overs weighted in for the tournament.  Best baits were top water early and plastics after sun come up. I have found some grass growing on the north end of the lake and there are a lot of small fish moving in along with the shad. But there are some good fish also mixed in.

Crappie has been biting in deeper water but a lot of small fish being caught right now. As soon as cooler weather moves in the water temperature will drop and the bigger fish will get aggressive with their fall feeding!! So if you are interested in booking a fall or spring bass and crappie trips let me know and we will set it up. I furnish every thing for your trip just come get in the boat and go fishing!!

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