Its no surprise this year has gone by so fast and we are getting close to the fall bass fishing on Lake Fork. This is always a fun time to fish on Fork. This time of the year features chrome rattle traps, yellow magic top water baits, square bill crank baits in shad color and some plastics. The lake will be busy in September due to a big tournament, so if you decide to book a trip book it early. Bass fishing on Lake Fork will be the focus even with good crappie fishing going on at the same time. I guide for bass, crappie and sand bass, so you can try your hand in one of the three. There will be several patterns to check out if you are coming to the lake. Just looking for those 2 pound keepers what we call the money fish, throw a June bug colored 4 inch finesse worm, a baby brush hog, Texas rigged or Carolina rigged in 10 feet of water or less on points or around any grass you find in the water. If its green there will be bait fish around it and so will be the bass. I also like a 10 inch worm in tequila in the 15-18 foot range for those bigger bass. Creek channels and drop off areas is where I will be throwing those. Earlier in the report I listed chrome rattle traps, keep one tied on for the schooling bass that is always around this time of the year. So if you are looking for that bass fishing trip on Lake Fork from mid September and on into the fall give ma a call, or text 940-902-3855 for open dates. I will also assist you in setting up lodging if you need it. So let me know if your want to set up your trip for bass fishing on Lake Fork.  #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkbassguides #lakefork #lakeforktrophybass #lakeforkcrappieguides

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