Double hook-up of post spawn bass

Bass fishing Lake Fork is getting better with the help of the warm winter. There are places on the lake where the bass are showing up shallow, feeding in 3 foot of water or less. I love this time of the year for bass fishing Lake Fork because you might hook into that really big bass that you do not have a chance to catch on your lakes. Lake Fork can boast the state of Texas record of 18.18 pounds and 37 of the top 50 weights in Texas. Impressive knowing that there is a lot of water in Texas and only 13 bass came from other lakes. So its time to call and book your bass fishing trip and it looks like the spawn could be early this year where it was late last year. Call me or text me 940-902-3855 and get in on the warm weather and catching bass in February, early March. I have been catching bass on several things. A suspending jerk bait in shad color, black/blue jig, square bill crank bait, black finesse worm with a very light weight and red/orange rattle trap all have been working. I furnish everything for your trip, just come get in my boat and go bass fishing Lake Fork. If you are bringing your own boat I will show you places to fish on your own. So let me know and lets get on the water. I am looking for vegetation in the water which holds heat and the warmer temperatures and that is where the bass are more active. Shad in the area is a must. Water temperature where I am fishing is in the mid to upper 50’s. Now for the crappie fishing, they are moving from deep water towards the shallow water but are not there yet. Give them another month and they will show up shallow. Best baits will be minnows or jigs fished around some kind of structure to catch a mess. So give me a call or text to set up you bass fishing Lake Fork trip or crappie or sand bass trips. #lakeforkcrappieguides #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkguides

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