Lake Fork Fishing for Bass

Lake Fork fishing for bass with Doug Shampine DSP Guide Service

WOW its already January 2016 and its time to be thinking Lake Fork fishing for big bass. Most people do not realize, but this month and next month is known as Share a lunker months. Several bass over 13 pounds are caught the first two months or the year. And normally the first one comes from under the 154 bridge and is caught by a crappie fisherman/ Those big females hang around the bridge eating crappie before moving to their spawning areas. So now is the time for those die hard  bass fisherman to be on the lake. Since we have not had much of a winter so far, I am catching bass along the creek channels beside the bigger stumps on a 1/2 oz jig, black/blue and using a #11 pork trailer. I like pork when the water gets colder because the bass hold on to it longer when they bite. Best depth has been 13 -17 feet. I am working the jig slow just crawling it along.

Check out the creeks in Burch, Dale, Wolf, Bell and Little Caney. The upper end of the lake is stained due to all the rain and the flood gates are open as of today. Lake is almost back to normal level. Another bait I have been using is the dark back, red sides and orange belly crank bait. One that dives about 6 feet and suspends. Crank it down and stop by the trees or big stumps. You wont get a lot of bites when you are Lake Fork fishing for bass this time of the year but the bites you do get will be quality. If you decide to come to Lake Fork fishing please consider fishing with me. I have been guiding on Lake Fork for 15 years and I furnish everything for your trip.

Just come get in my Legend or Express Bay boat and go fishing. Its time to go fry for your trophy bass and I will try my best to make that happen. I will be doing boat shows in Ark. Dallas, and Ok this year. I will give you more information as we get closer. Than we can met face to face and set up your Lake Fork fishing trip for 2106. Call me or text me 940-902-3855 for open dates.


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