Lake Fork fishing with Doug Shampine DSP Guide Service

Lake Fork fishing is still a little slow! Its due to the time of year and the weather. January Lake Fork fishing is normally slow but if you can catch a few warm days in a row with lighter winds, you can catch fish. January is why most of the boat shows are scheduled around this part of the country because of the weather. I will be attending a boat show at Shreveport, La January 20-22 booth #13. If you are in the area stop by and we can set up your 2017 Lake Fork fishing trip for bass, crappie or sand bass. As for the lake conditions, we are 3 feet below normal and the surface temperature is mid 40’s north end and 50 south end. And as for the Lake Fork fishing, best bet and will depend on the day if we can get out on the lake due to the wind is the big sand bass, and yellow bass being caught on spoons. We can catch a few bass on black/blue jigs but that bite is spotty at best. Crappie are also being caught but again depends on the wind. So over all I consider Lake Fork fishing to be slow. So let me tell you when you should plan your trip. If you are a die hard bass fisherman and understand cold water bass fishing can be hard, than the last week of February and the first 2 weeks of March will be the ticket. That is when the big females start looking around on the deeper flats, but the bite is weather driven. Our bass do not like cold fronts and will shut off for a couple of days when a front comes through. So timing is everything. The last 2 weeks of March and the first 2 weeks of April is really prime time here. That time period is when the spawning starts on the north ends of the lake and moves south. So think about your trip and the weather when you book or set up your trip. #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkfishing #lakeforkcrappieguides #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakefork

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