Lake Fork Fishing Report

lake Fork fishing report by Doug Shampine

This weeks Lake Fork fishing report finds the bass bite starting to improve. Tons of bait fish around the lake!! Have found bass shallow and deep. Look for vegetation in the water and throw a watermelon red fluke with little or no weight into the vegetation. Work it slowly to the edge and let it sit there as it falls off the edges into the deeper water. I am also dipping the tail in spike it. I am catching these bass in 2-4 feet of water. The drop shot is also working in brush piles on main lake points in 15-18 ft of water. I am using a California 420 finesse worm. Good bass hanging around the brush and if you see bait fish in the area its a plus. Just as a reminder I try to update my Lake Fork fishing report weekly, so check back each week and check out the Lake Fork fishing report with the upcoming tournaments on the lake. If you are interested in a guided trip just give me a call or text 940-902-3855 for open dates in September and on. The Carolina rig is also catching nice bass in the 15-22 foot range along creek channels. Try a watermelon candy red baby brush hog and dip the tail. Now as for the crappie, they have moved a little deeper into the 22-27 foot range. Minnows have been my best bait but catching a few on blue ice jigs also. The bite has been good early but as the sun gets up and it gets hot the bite stops. I am only fishing my brush piles I put out and not the bridges. I furnish everything for your trip and clean and bag your catch. I can take 4 adults in my 22 foot bay boat. As for the sand bass, they are following the big schools of bait fish around and you can find them on the surface and deeper around the bait fish. Check SRA point and that area for the sand bass. #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakefork #lakeforkcrappieguides  Check my Lake Fork fishing report for updates.

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