We are headed to post spawn bass fishing on Lake Fork and you will love it!! Most of the bass have now gone through the stress of spawn and will be resting for a few days and than will start eating everything in sight!! Post spawn bass fishing is when you can catch big bass and good numbers of bass. There will be a few bass still going to spawn on some of the main lake areas that are protected from the wave action but not in a neck or pocket area of the lake. If you decide to use my guide service,

I will show you how to catch and where to catch these off shore bass and have a great day doing so. So call or text me for open dates 940-902-3855. I start guiding for crappie also in May. May and June are great months to catch and take home a good mess of crappie to eat. I put out brush piles and we will park the boat over the brush and catch nice crappie out of the brush along with some nice catfish if you want to take some of them home also. We have had a little rain the last few days and now the lake level is 2.5 feet below normal. That is going to make for some great top water and frog action in the next several weeks. That is the reason that post spawn bass fishing is so much fun and you can catch the bass on many different baits. Carolina rigs, texas rigs, top water baits, frogs, flukes and wacky worms all will catch bass. When the fry move off shore from the protection of the flooded grass, they will be around the stumps and so will the bass. Small spinner baits and square bill crank baits will be the ticket when that happens. So if you are want to do some post spawn bass fishing, give me a call and we will set up your trip.Post spawn bass fishing DSP Guide Service

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