Pre-spawn Lake Fork fishing is now getting very close as the weather starts to warm up. We are only a couple of weeks away from spring and some very good Lake Fork fishing!! If you are planning on getting a guide, consider letting me take you fishing. I furnish everything for your trip, no hidden fees or ask you to buy baits most of the time you will not need. I furnish every thing for your trip so just come get in my boat and go fishing and enjoy your day on the water. If you are a business man and have customers, consider having one or two of your customers come to the lake with you. It will give you quality time with them and all of you will have a great day.

The lake level has come up a foot in the last week and the upper ends of the lake are stained. Water temperature is 45 degrees after this last go around of snow. Best baits to be using on your Lake Fork fishing trip will be the suspending jerk bait, black/blue jig, square bill crank baits beside the stumps and the A rig. Check out the main lake points, and creek channels and with very little grass the bass will be suspending around the bigger stumps. The good news is if you find the fishing slow right now, it will get better as the weather gets warm and stays there for several days. Work your baits slow as the water is still pretty cold.

Stop your square bill beside a stump and try to bump it if you can. Same with the suspending jerk baits, slow. I like to throw the jig at the base of the bigger stumps and just creep it along the bottom and over the logs and other structure. Check out my report next week and good luck Lake Fork fishing!

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