Crappie fishing on Lake Fork with Doug Shampine DSP Guide Service

Crappie fishing on Lake Fork remains good as we get well into July. The lake level is full and water surface temperature is in the mid 80’s and lake is clear. This time of year the crappie fishing on Lake Fork is normally good for catching fish but slow for catching keepers. But the size of the fish I am catching is still good and you can put a nice mess in the boat to take home. This is also the time to bring the family to the lake and teach the kids how to catch crappie. I just finished putting out new brush piles and can hardly wait to try them out. The crappie bite has been the best in the 22-26 foot range on minnows and jigs both. The best color jig has been chartreuse or light blue. I fish out of a 22 foot bay boat and that allows me to take up to 5 adults and I furnish everything for the trip. We will park over the brush piles and fish straight down with a tight line. Its very easy to catch crappie this way. So you don’t need to buy anything for your trip except for snacks if you want to bring them along. I also furnish the bottled water for your trip. I make it easy for you to book your trip just call or text 940-902-3855 for open dates or starting July 20-23 come visit me at the Dallas boat show and I can book your trip there for the fall season or for 2018. By booking now it allows you to get the prime dates. Now as for the bass, they are following the shad schools and you can find them on the deeper end of the lake. They are suspended so you will need to throw baits that will  get down to the schools or fish the 20-25 feet of water to catch them. I like to swim a jig this time of year as it will get down and stay there as I work the bait. My best color is black/brown/amber colored jig. So lets get your trip set up and enjoy crappie fishing on Lake Fork or try the bass or sand bass fishing also. #lakeforkcrappiefishingguides #lakeforkcrappieguides #lakeforkcrappiefishing #lakeforkbassfishingguides #lakeforkguides #lakeforkfishingguides

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